Starting your interview with a bang!

We’ve all been there, either laid off, fired or hating our job; we step out of our misery and realize we are miserable without  money and try to cope with what is left of our salary. We anxiously await a response from our potential employer, send detailed e-mails  to our college faculty professors for a potential internship anything to keep ourselves busy. We contact past employers and engage in networking events with prospective employees who could possibly take us out of the black hole we’ve put ourselves in. Just when we were ready to give up, we are asked to … Continue reading Starting your interview with a bang!


I am Sarah Malik, I am pretty much going to talk about everything that intrigues me- catches my eye- I’ll be blogging about my latest obsessions in style- taking pictures of outfits of the day- tips on how to wear an outfit- cutting and sewing an outfit – I am a  beginner in sewing, so read my blogs and learn with me – Music related blogs as I sing and I’ll post a few snippets of my song. Check out my Sound Cloud Sarah Afreen Malik. Thanks for your time! Happy Friday Blogging! Continue reading World!