Starting your interview with a bang!

We’ve all been there, either laid off, fired or hating our job; we step out of our misery and realize we are miserable without  money and try to cope with what is left of our salary. We anxiously await a response from our potential employer, send detailed e-mails  to our college faculty professors for a potential internship anything to keep ourselves busy. We contact past employers and engage in networking events with prospective employees who could possibly take us out of the black hole we’ve put ourselves in. Just when we were ready to give up, we are asked to come in for an interview. As our minds are racing and we start crash studying for the interview- the most important part can be forgotten – the outfit.

The power of a freshly pressed suit sings volumes and communicates an air of confidence not only is the power suit super suave and effortless, it also is a great statement outfit that can be worn from day to night.

Here are 3 ways you can wear your power suit and feel fresh in the summer.

1.Get creative with your fabrics choose an airy fabric and make sure to have your suit tailored! The importance of tailoring provides the finishing touches to a suit becoming a staple item in your closet that is versatile creating more looks in your wardrobe.

2.Choose a stiff fabric that can hold shape – wool and cotton are your best choices. These fabrics absorb moisture and keep you cool on the hottest days.

3. Wear minimal makeup and accessories- be bold and wear colorful mid heels.

Below are 3 ways Miroslava Duma wears the power suit

Three variations of the power suit, worn by Miroslava Duma, Russian Editor of Harper Bazaar
Three variations of the power suit, worn by Miroslava Duma, Russian Editor of Harper Bazaar

Mustard suit line suit

A new job means new beginnings which opens doors for a new you! The time for a new haircut debut is now. A great haircut is the lob, super easy, and the trick is you don’t have to do too much with it especially, if you already have wavy hair!  Make sure to talk to your stylist. Don’t get caught up with layers the lob is – a long bob so layers will destroy this haircuts. Make sure to have your locks are grazing your collar bones. This haircut is perfect for work it can be slicked into a pony tail, side braid and is an easy messy look for out on town.

Share your thoughts on my post and what you would wear for your interview!

Happy Job Hunting Guys:)

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