It’s getting hot in here, so be a lamb and keep your clothes on!

Ever feel like shooting the next person you’re next to because it’s so hot and your’e so annoyed and the only way to get out of your horrible mood is to shower? Moments after you’ve showered, you’re pooling with sweat, you start to think am I going into menopause?  I am only 28 (laugh out loud). Welcome to the third world.

In America you forget how easily turning on the ac is, shopping for groceries, there’s no haggling the shop keeper trying to sway him to reduce the price-it’s a fixed price- take it or leave it. In Pakistan, you’re trying to get a bang for your buck, necessities in whole 30 for sweet potatoes becomes a problem because the shopkeeper has jacked up the prices from 10 rupees to 20 just looking at the traffic of customers swarming in. 

Food here is like liquid gold- you can look and touch but you can’t steal obviously. At trader joes I’d literally have a frenzy, picking up flavored chicken sausage, pot stickers, skinny cow ice-creams, and bars I could go on for hours; icecream here is creamy, sugary and inedible.. If you want real icecream go to Marriot hotel spend your life savings and be happy.

ron icecream ron icecream 2

I do not regret spending the money I did,  it if I could go back in time I would have gone to chipotle bought 6 burritos, partied every day; I haven’t learned a thing;I find it exhausting that it is such a struggle to buy food; especially meat, chicken – good god it’s ridiculously expensive; foreigners will pay anything and not even bargain; I never thought I’d be in Pakistan working in rupees and not in dollars; I sometimes think I am dreaming and this a horrible nightmare, I wake up realize no, this is your life and i’ll cry a little – killing me softly.The amount of money people are paid for jobs here compared to America is criminal. I had one job as a communications officer making the same amount as my maid. Recently, I was offered a job to teach as a second grade teacher being paid $250.00 for a month (WTF) now being here for 2 years and being told repeatedly don’t compare the money here to dollars or you’ll go insane ( actual quote from my father) I try not too..

Today, the 28th roza of Ramadan is happening now and walking into a deserted ghost town metro (equivalent to Costco or Target) where everyone is at home preparing for a grand feast for ifthar; I was looking at the goods in the produce section; basking in the smell of meats and freezing enjoying the cool air attack me all over my body and not wanting to get out. I knew in the car there would be ac, but once I reached home no turning on the ac- just the cooler- luckily today the weather was cooler.

This current stage of my life has taught me be grateful, you never know when you’ll leave your amazingly comfortable life in the states and wind up in a challenging you never expected third world country, where everything is stuck in the middle ages. My friends in the states wouldn’t last 2 seconds in my shoes!

Do you guys have any similar stories living in the third world?


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