10 things you learn on whole 30 and stay with you

whole 30

This is my list of how I survived the whole 30 challenge:

Whole 30 Survival Guide

1. Don’t use fruits as a filler- fruit just packs on sugar and excess calories. If you have to have fruit then try to limit it to once a week!

2. Change your options! Living in Pakistan, we don’t have that much to work with recipe wise also because our oven blew up., but that’s another story for another day. Use Nom Nom Paleo get ideas change the recipe to keep it whole 30 approved

3. You can never go wrong with sweet potatoes; however, don’t overdo sweet potatoes- we made sweet potato mash potatoes which was delicious – It’s just how it sounds boil sweet potatoes for an hour mash and add to desi ghee sprinkle with salt and pepper 🙂

4. Eat different meats having the same meats becomes boring and that is what happened for me on whole 30, I was eating chicken every single day, grilled chicken gets boring try other recipes: crackling chicken

5. stay hydrated

6. Exercise don’t become lazy! I became super lazy at the end and canceled my workout

7. Eggs are your friends; eat eggs with breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. You may hate eggs for a little while after whole 30 but trust me you’ll love them again .  Eggs can be paired with sweet potato, eggs with chille, eggs with chicken, eggs with steak, eggs with anything you want as long as it’s whole 30! Eggs are also great in salad dressings.

8. People say stay away from using substitutions because it negates the whole 30 process; lethargic and ready to quit my sister had to keep reminding me that you can’t make treats on whole 30 your body won’t learn discipline it will crave those treats in the same way it did before even though you’re using whole 30 ingredients. Stick to your veggies and meats!

9. Experiment with sauces! You can create wonderful sauces using the herbs in your kitchen!

10. Eating on cheat day isn’t as fun as you thought! We took a 5 day hiatus and it killed my stomach all the fatty foods I was consuming! I’d recommend going slow the first day.

Even though I am not doing whole 30 anymore, I found the diet to be a great detox; my menstrual cycle and bowel movements were in order; I learned which foods caused bloating, that I was addicted to soda and now I don’t even want to taste the fizzy drink. I ate white potatoes on my whole 30 and lost 9 pounds. I joined whole 30 to reboot my body and teach my body to not grab everything in sight to eat as I have a high metabolism and I don’t stop eating. My body learned to curb my urges for sugar and salty food. If you’re doing whole 30 to lose weight white potatoes are not recommended.

On cheat day eating really sucked which I found surprising. I was constantly bloated and in pain and I craved water all the time.

Would I do it again? Yeah, I would but I would add a few substitutions. 🙂


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